Trinidad day 3

On the 3rd and last day in Trinidad, Faye and I took a catamaran trip to Cayo Blanco. The $50 excursion included 2 hours of sailing, beach time, snorkeling, an open bar, and lunch. The weather was beautiful!


Sadly, Cubans are not allowed to sail on tourist boats. There is not an actual law that forbids Cubans getting on boats and ships, but authorities have applied this restriction for many years. According to Cubatur (a state travel agent) “Cubans—no matter where they live—may not be sold a tourist package that includes a catamaran or a yacht. This enjoyment is exclusive to foreign tourists.”

Before 2008, Cubans were not even allowed access to tourist hotels.

This article has more information about prohibitions in Cuba that do not apply to tourists.

In the evening, we enjoyed a rooftop salsa lesson.

Then we had dinner at a paladar (private restaurant) called La Ceiba.  The restaurant was set in a back patio under the boughs of a giant ceiba tree.  In true paladar style, you must walk right through the middle of the owner’s house to reach it.


After dinner we headed to Disco Ayala, a dance club in a real cave! We didn’t leave until around 3 AM.


This picture is just hilarious 🙂 The bottle of rum on the table that we snuck into the club, Faye has a Cuban guy on her lap, and what the heck am I so happy about?!


  • Andy


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  1. I love the pictures and the atory, Andy. Keep it up…you look so happy!!

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