Honey Creek Loop- Big South Fork National Recreation Area

Honey creek loop is one of the most beautiful and difficult hikes in Tennessee. I call it the “Garden of Eden” hike or the “Chutes and Ladders” hike.

Iron deposits in the rocks create swirls. This is seen often throughout the loop
One of many beautiful waterfalls on the loop
Eastern newt
Early spring wildflowers
View from the overlook. You have to climb a tall set of ladders to get here from the loop.
A beautiful forested section and stream
You see this a lot in Big South Fork , and the Cumberland mountains. The trees find a way to grow out of and around boulders. Fascinating to see
A rock house. There is a rope behind me if you want to climb up and in
Rushing water through a slot canyon
Cool Colors and textures in the moss and plants. Also very typical of the Cumberland mountains
The last waterfall on the loop. Nice spot to wade and cool off in summer
I survived!
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  1. Beautiful pictures and great information, Love your posts

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