Lago di Braies

The ideal start to visiting this vast area of the Italian Dolomites was a walk straight from the Hotel Gasthaus Adler through the very pretty, flower-filled Braies Valley. We walked through small villages and farmland until we reached the magnificent Lago di Braies, one of the 297 glacial lakes in the area. It is certainly one of the most beautiful thanks for being surrounded by jagged peaks that are reflected in the extraordinary mirror-like surface of the lake. We follow the route of ‘SS hostages’, the leaders of 19 countries who were freed after the First World War by the inhabitants of Villabassa.



– Lonely Planet Guidebook

– Exodus Travel trip notes


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  1. Beautiful pictures, looks a great place to vacation.


  2. Your trip looks amazing. We are going on a backroads trip there in a few weeks. So excited! We are going to Austria first…Salzberg and Kitzbuehl. Any suggestions as to where to go hiking in that area before backroads?

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  3. Wow this looks like a wonderful place to walk! šŸ™‚

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  4. I really love your articles. Your pictures are wonderful. Please keep up your good work.

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  5. I had a friend who was from Belgium. He showed me a lot of his pictures of that area; I loved them. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

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