Last day in the beautiful Italian Dolomites

We could not do the Monte Piano climb we had planned for today because the road was closed due to an avalanche.  We went for a 12 mile walk around the valley, and had some delicious ice cream.

I started out bummed about the fact that we could not do the climb, it was to be the grand finale. But going for a walk anywhere here is breathtakingly beautiful, and I was grateful we weren’t covered by the avalanche over the road!  On the drive back from the hike the day before, it had just happened, we came upon the blocked road and had to turn around and take a long way back through Cortina.

I highly recommend visiting the Italian Dolomites if you ever get the chance. Exodus Travel’s package with everything included was a 10 in my opinion! Great hotel, comfortable transfers, good food, and great guide.

To learn more about the trip and to book direct, go to

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The beautiful Lake Dobbiaco



Chocolate and Fruit of the forest gelato


Tiramisu sundae


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  1. Amazing pictures. What an awesome adventure.

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