Am I in Italy or Austria, can someone please tell me?

The town we stayed in has 2 names: Niederdorf and Villabassa, population 1600.  The region is known as South Tyrol.  92% of the population speaks German and 7% speaks Italian. Less than 1 percent of the population speaks Ladin.  I am fascinated by linguistics and I had never heard of this one before. Here are some pictures from around the cute little town of Niederdorf/ Villabassa.  It looks very Austrian right?


The cemetery was so well kept


Could not find a single piece of trash on the streets here



Where to?



The homes have the most beautiful gardens and the bees are thriving here


My home for the week- the Hotel Gasthaus Adler. I will miss their beautiful pool, and their handsome waiters.


The perfect place for a drink after a day of hiking in the beautiful mountains

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  1. Beautiful little village wherever it is. Great pictures.

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