20 mile bike ride

I started the day with an hour massage at the Hotel Gasthaus Adler’s spa.  Then a group of us rented bikes. There is a nice greenway , rails to trails type path in between towns. I found the ride very difficult. I am used to biking on flat paved paths, and usually go around 12 miles. This was a loose gravel path, with lots of peddling uphill. I had rented a regular mountain bike. Some of my friends rented EBIKES. Thankfully a friend let me borrow the EBIKE for a little while!

I was quite sore at the end of this day but the views were amazing!


Lake Dobbiaco


We had dinner at a restaurant in the town called Mexico City. We took a walk afterwards up the hill to watch the sunset, watch the stars come out, and hear some ghost stories.


Evening light in Niederdorf- Villabassa

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  1. I wish I had done the things you get to do when I was young. Live life to its fullest.

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