Cumberland Falls State Resort Park- Kentucky road trip!

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park in Kentucky is sometimes called the “Niagara of the South” thanks to Cumberland Falls. The photogenic falls are 68 feet tall and 125 feet wide, making them the second largest waterfall east of the Rockies. Adding to the allure, Cumberland Falls is one of very few places in the world that consistently creates a moonbow or “lunar rainbow.” Visitors gather on nights when there’s a full moon to witness the rare natural phenomenon.

Since it is a resort park , there is a lodge , restaurant , cottages , pool, and campground on site.

I traveled up there from Knoxville Saturday to see the main falls and do a hike to Dog Slaughter Falls.

Cumberland Falls
Dog Slaughter Falls. The falls is rumored to be named for the drowning of unwanted pets, or the loss of hunting dogs to predatory wildlife. ☹️
View of the river from the parking lot
The Sheltowee Trace Trail is a 333-mile National Recreation Trail that was created in 1979 and stretches from the Burnt Mill Bridge Trail Head in the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area in Tennessee to northern Rowan County, Kentucky. You can hike a section of it in the park.
A little rainbow 🌈 action near the main falls
Happy hiker 😆

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– Andy

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