Bald River Trail, Cherokee National Forest

Trail #88, Bald River is approximately 5.6-miles one way. It follows Bald River through the gorge from a parking area at Bald River Falls located on Forest Road 210 (Tellico River Road) to Forest Road #126 (Bald River Road) near Holly Flats Campground.

From Bald River Falls parking area, the trail follows a railroad grade constructed during historic logging operations. The first part of the trail is delineated by narrow gauge railroad track posts connected by logging chains to encourage visitors to stay on the trail. Vistors can hike out and back or make plans to be transported from the trail’s terminus at Forest Road 126.

You can hear the river the whole time and there are a few waterfalls along the way. There are also very nice riverside campsites along the way.

Bald river falls
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